Fintech 24 August 20

How Fintechs can future-proof their digital banking strategy

For traditional banks, a digital banking strategy is all about digital transformation: they have the banking services but are woefully behind in technology or even customer...

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Fintech 10 August 20

Energize your receivables and payments process with Currencycloud Spark

As the world of cross-border payments is always changing, we are always striving to change with it and provide clients with industry-leading products and solutions to keep up...

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Fintech 3 August 20

How (and why) to evolve your Fintech platform into a digital bank

Does this story sound familiar?

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Fintech 29 July 20

COVID consequences: The digital banking trends that will shape H2 in 2020

The question on the minds of Fintech leaders around the globe:

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Fintech 16 July 20

Embedded finance: why banks embrace Fintech partnerships

Today’s consumers are tech-savvy and expect every digital platform to be as quick and easy to use as Amazon or Apple. 

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Fintech 6 July 20

What does it take to build a challenger bank?

 A common feature of most successful challenger banks is that they don’t try to do everything – at least not immediately, and not on their own. 

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Fintech 23 June 20

How German challenger banks are redefining business banking

Germany has seen considerable growth and innovation in digital banking over the past decade. 

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Fintech 12 June 20

How we’re helping Fintechs to operate more efficiently

Achieving operational efficiency is crucial for Fintechs at the best of times. But during this current period of uncertainty and belt-tightening, it is even more important...

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Fintech 10 June 20

Re-platforming for reliability, security and value

Over the last ten years, Currencycloud has transformed cross-border payments and driven fintech innovation. Today, we continue to evolve and improve the services we deliver...

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Fintech 26 May 20

Understanding the impact of new EU transparency rules

With so much focus on COVID-19, you could be forgiven for missing an important change to the payments landscape in Europe.

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