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compliance 29 September 22

Build a better Fintech: Invest in compliance

The USA doesn’t have an overarching compliance regime for its Fintechs, making it difficult to determine which regulations and licences they need to follow at any given time....

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The Queen’s image: still making an impact on our currency

Currencycloud is all about moving money around the world. We may transfer it digitally, but the end result is often cash in people’s hands and pockets in more than 35...

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partnerships 20 September 22

Fintech and the payments industry- what lies ahead

In collaboration with our partner Moov, we have created an insightful blog on all things payments and what lies ahead.  

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Partnerships 14 September 22

Thought Machine: revolutionising legacy bank technology


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featured 8 September 22

The difference between onshore and offshore RMB (CNY & CNH) - and why it matters

China is the world’s second largest economy, and the world’s largest trader in goods. It’s a country with huge opportunities for businesses large and small. Although it has...

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did you know? 1 September 22

The journey towards a truly frictionless payment experience

Welcome to the second edition of our new blog series exploring Currencycloud products you might not know about.

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featured 25 July 22

Payments 2025, the future of payments in APAC and beyond

In May, Currencycloud’s Singapore office organized a panel session, bringing together partners and clients to explore the topic that was on everyone’s minds: payments. We...

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did you know? 21 July 22

Get the best out of our platform for smarter, faster, bolder FX

This is the first in our series of product-focused blogs where we explore angles and possibilities of Currencycloud products that you may not have heard of. We hope they can...

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Regulation 13 July 22

Access the EU, CAD, and US markets fast

Post-Brexit, FX brokers are losing business and money because they’re not permitted to service EU-based clients. Worse, when they want to expand to reach these markets, the...

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Partnerships 1 July 22

Integrated Finance: The foundational ingredients of modern Fintech accessible to all

Imagine a Michelin starred chef with a new concept for a restaurant menu. While the idea is great, without the other component parts that make for a successful restaurant,...

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