Regulation 13 July 22

Access the EU, CAD, and US markets fast

Post-Brexit, FX brokers are losing business and money because they’re not permitted to service EU-based clients. Worse, when they want to expand to reach these markets, the...

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FX 13 May 22

Asia-Pacific FX brokers can stop playing catch up

INNOVATE with a modular FX System If you’re an FX broker or remittance provider constantly playing catch up with legacy systems, or struggling to integrate new FX systems and...

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Currencycloud Spark 12 August 21

Future-proof your brokerage with Currencycloud Spark

FX brokers need to awaken to the fact that the deliverable FX industry for SME’s is changing. 

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FX 14 July 21

How Eris FX are pushing for a more customer centric FX industry

At Currencycloud we are lucky to have some great partners that share our vision of building a fairer and more inclusive global economy, making it easier to move money around...

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Regulation 11 February 21

No license, no excuse: Why FX brokers need to act now

How do you prepare for something when you don’t know what you’re preparing for? You might say such a notion is ridiculous. An impossibility. Yet UK businesses have been...

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FX 6 January 20

What does the future hold for FX brokers?

FX brokers are seizing the opportunities that have developed in their industry during the last decade. But why is the situation so different today compared to ten years ago?

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Payments 31 May 18

Broker in a box: Unpacking Currencycloud’s FX affiliate program

As a broker, serving your customers is a constant priority. But regulations can make the process of gaining your independence and access to more currencies non-viable....

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