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Fintech 19 November 21

The partnerships that bring power to businesses

Fintech start-ups are full of aspiration, brimming with novel ideas which get pitched to investors on a wave of enthusiasm and hope. Whether they are a digital retailer, an...

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Fintech 14 September 21

Light a fire under your business with Currencycloud Ignite

Another day, another exciting product launch from Currencycloud! Currencycloud Ignite is the latest solution to help you build a bold multi-currency business.

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Fintech 13 September 21

How Fintechs are levelling the playing field for corporate remittance

The world’s getting smaller and more interconnected. We’re way past the point where we can reasonably expect businesses to remain competitive while only operating within...

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Fintech 10 September 21

How to create a neo-broker: regulation, execution and moving money

From micro-investing platforms that enable the everyman to dip their toes in the stock market to automated financial planning services, a new breed of financial innovation is...

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Currencycloud Spark 12 August 21

Future-proof your brokerage with Currencycloud Spark

FX brokers need to awaken to the fact that the deliverable FX industry for SME’s is changing. 

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Fintech 9 August 21

SWIFT vs Local payment routes

SWIFT vs local payment routes – Why your best international payment route isn’t what you’d expect.

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Fintech 9 August 21

Embedded Finance: Opening the door to a new breed of investor

There is one portmanteau that stands out from the crowd in the digital age: Fintech. This clever fusion of finance and technology is much more than just a buzzword. It has...

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Fintech 22 July 21

Hello Visa!

I’m very excited to be writing today to share the news that Visa is acquiring Currencycloud.  This is a great day for our employees, our customers, and the broader financial...

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Fintech 14 July 21

The rise and evolution of invoice finance

Managing cash flow – the lifeblood of any business – is challenging enough at the best of times. Then along came an unprecedented global pandemic that blindsided society and...

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FX 14 July 21

How Eris FX are pushing for a more customer centric FX industry

At Currencycloud we are lucky to have some great partners that share our vision of building a fairer and more inclusive global economy, making it easier to move money around...

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