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Partnerships 10 March 22

Embedded Finance: Managing Your Financial Ecosystem From the Palm of Your Hand

The stock market used to be daunting. Traditional visions of the markets included frenzied trading floors, institutional trading strategies, and priority access for high net...

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Partnerships 10 February 22

Fighting Financial Crime with ComplyAdvantage

ComplyAdvantage helps companies across the financial services industry detect financial crime with really smart software. How? By identifying suspicious behavior that could...

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Fintech 10 February 22

RFX brokers: it pays to be picky

No two brokers are alike. But we’ve found a lot have one thing in common: a misconception that they have to adopt Currencycloud’s whole suite of FX products to stay...

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Fintech 3 February 22

Payments and Lending: Closing the gap

Traditionally lending and payments have always had some cross-over but outside of larger banks or finance houses they have generally remained separate – at its core the focus...

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Fintech 18 January 22

Fintech trends in 2022: the big five

Reviewing our predictions for the digital banking trends that would shape 2021, we were pretty on the money. We predicted the rise of lendtechs for SMEs, and an increased...

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Fintech 13 January 22

View every SME owner as a consumer, to see the way embedded lending will evolve

“2022 is going to be the year of embedded finance. Every company is going to be a fintech company, and this will be driven by partnerships.” Sabih Ali, MarketFinance With...

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Fintech 6 January 22

Digital remittance is here to stay: now make it work for you and your customers

Remittances are one of the single most powerful financial forces in existence today, with workers sending hundreds of billions of dollars to their home countries every year....

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Fintech 20 December 21

Visa completes the acquisition of Currencycloud

It’s official – today, 20 December 2021, Visa announced the completion of the acquisition of Currencycloud, and I couldn’t be more excited to be joining the global Visa team.

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Fintech 25 November 21

France’s Fintech scene is booming – but it will have to keep innovating to stay ahead

It’s fair to say that, like Cinderella, French Fintechs arrived at the ball a tad later than everyone else. But just like Cinderella, these Fintechs are now wowing everyone...

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Fintech 22 November 21

Creating value in partnerships

Over the past year, we’ve built an ecosystem of partners to help deliver innovations for our clients in the world of cross-border transactions. Every one of these partners...

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