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Fintech 7 July 17

What if Amazon started a bank? And other thoughts from the Future of Fintech

Last week, I attended CB Insights’ the Future of Fintech, a fascinating event in NYC, pairing CEOs from top FinTech startups with prominent VCs and some amazing interviewers...

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Fintech 29 June 17

How to streamline international payments

As your product continues to expand, whether in global user base or the amount of countries serviced, your business has likely run into the issue of processing international...

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Fintech 8 June 17

How OTAs can appeal to today’s traveler

Just how do you appeal to a new breed of traveler that’s driving the de-commoditization of travel and future proof your business at the same time?

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Fintech 8 May 17

Fintech innovation in a nuclear hotzone

What to do when the neighbours insist on playing with nuclear weapons? Keep calm and Innovate…

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Fintech 26 April 17

Fight or take flight?

The Disruptors who are shaking up the Travel Industry.

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Fintech 26 April 17

Juggling rigorous security with innovation

So what can developers learn from financial services? Security. Developers are generally motivated by their curiosity to work on cutting-edge technology and solve real world...

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Fintech 20 April 17

Looking to fire-up your dev team? Investment from GV should do it

Funding is always about more than financials. Investment in its truest sense is about network, nurturing and knowledge sharing. As CTO, our recent investment from GV is...

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Payments 27 March 17

Values: Capturing the spirit of our company

When a business is born, its culture germinates from its founding members and first few employees. As the company grows, and the team expands, there comes a need to take a...

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Fintech 9 March 17

25 million reasons to celebrate!

We started Currencycloud five years ago with our first round of funding and a simple idea – What if we could use technology to radically improve the way companies move money...

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Fintech 7 March 17

5 key takeaways from “The FinTech Revolution” panel

Last week we co-hosted the second event in our “FinTech Revolution” series with Cornell’s SC Johnson School of Business, drawing a crowd of over 100 FinTech enthusiasts....

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