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Fintech 27 October 17

4 advantages of working with a third-party payments platform

Your operations team’s ability to process payments should never determine where you can do business. But as you scale and take on new opportunities from varying regions...

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Fintech 27 October 17

Improving customer experience within the payments process

When you’re creating products for digital-savvy customers, developing a bad user experience isn’t an option. Most customers are used to getting what they want, but they’re...

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Fintech 20 October 17

How scalable payment options inspire business success

Today’s digital payment landscape is completely different than it was just a few years ago. In the age of instant gratification, customer-centricity and digital innovation,...

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Fintech 19 October 17

Meet Cynthia Tian: The winner of our 2017 API innovation challenge!

A few weeks ago (oh how time flies!), we hosted our first ever hackathon, in partnership with TrueLayer, HackerOne and Starling Bank, at Campus London. In just 12 hours,...

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Fintech 2 October 17

A look back at our 2017 hackathon: bots, burgers and foosball

Is there anyone else who from time to time wonders about the possibilities of taking a room full of developers, giving them a range of APIs and asking them to create a...

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Fintech 21 September 17

Mining the data mountain

There’s no doubt that payments companies have mountains of data available to them about their customers and their payment patterns. The potential of understanding customer...

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The human side of technology – how to get the most out of your tech team

Technology is always reinventing itself, always challenging the status quo. As a result, there are a myriad of tools out there with the sole purpose of improving our day to...

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Fintech 4 September 17

Collaborate to create payments’ eureka moment

It goes without saying that innovation is paramount in the payments industry. The customer has more choice, and is able to demand the best service to suit their business...

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Regulation 29 August 17

Mitigating risk when uncertainty is rife

The idea of volatility in financial markets is something all businesses and traders are well used to dealing with whether they like it or not. However, it seems that we are...

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Fintech 23 August 17

Stop wasting time and money: automate your payment process

When distributing payments across multiple currencies and recipients, the behind the scenes demands to facilitate those transactions can quickly spiral out of control as your...

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