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Fintech 18 January 18

Payment technology trends making waves

Remember when phone calls included multiple, observable touch points and costs? When calling internationally was an uncommon practice that required various fees and parties...

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Payments 11 January 18

How digital payment options have changed customer expectations

No matter what industry you’re in, technological convenience has altered your buyer’s expectations for every digital interaction. In today’s market, every business is pressed...

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Payments 9 January 18

Unpacking the cross-border payment process

It’s not uncommon to charge goods or services abroad and later return home to find that there’s a significant gap between the amount of money you thought you spent and the...

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Fintech 11 December 17

How competitive businesses are using mass payments

One way to keep abreast of innovations in the payments market: explore the ways that businesses like yours are using mass domestic and cross-border payments to succeed. There...

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Five key considerations for developing your global expansion strategy

The idea of “going global” has been decades in the works, and popularized by the advent of the internet and the connections it allows. Today, global expansion is table stakes...

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Payments 4 December 17

Understanding the foreign exchange market

Regardless of your industry or involvement in the commerce cycle, international payments are likely affecting your business’s bottom line. Whether you import goods, buy or...

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Fintech 1 December 17

How cloud-based computing is empowering a freelance economy

The freelance economy — or the “gig economy,” as it’s sometimes called — comprises 35 percent of the United States workforce and represents the fastest growing labor category...

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Fintech 28 November 17

Open banking will be the new normal, whether mandated or not

A version of this article originally appeared in American Banker on November 28, 2017

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Payments 22 November 17

Understanding the payment process from start to finish

From a business perspective, there are two elements to any payment process. The first involves receiving money from customers. The second involves outbound payments to...

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Fintech 8 November 17

Fad or future? Why bitcoin won’t disrupt the payments landscape

Did you hear the one about the rare Beanie Baby being sold for up to £20,000 on eBay? This is no joke – you may be shocked to find that some of these once so ubiquitous toys...

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