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Lending induced FX risk management

Lateef Giwa
By: Lateef Giwa
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What is foreign exchange risk management?

FX risk management is a way to minimise negative impacts of FX trade. 

Lenders FX risk management

Got a headache thinking about managing your FX risk? With the recent currency volatility of GBP, USD and EUR, you’re not alone. Anything you can do to mitigate your exposure in the period between paying out a loan and when that loan is repaid is welcome.

Not being able to access both restricted and non-restricted foreign currencies is another stress, thwarting your ability to payout to a wider set of jurisdictions. So you have to limit your customers to the major currencies - huge headache. 


Currencycloud offers lenders more control, without the headache of worrying about market fluctuations. 

For even more relief from the stress of paying and collecting loans in multiple currencies, Currencycloud’s APIs not only helps you manage FX fluctuations but can assist you to consolidate multiple conversions and maintain multi-currency balances – all in one place.

Sounds too good to be true? Watch our new video which explains, in 30 seconds, how Currencycloud can eradicate the pain of lending in a global market. 



Managing FX risk with Currencycloud

Get in touch with us to see how we can make lending easier for you; providing you with real-time wholesale FX rates and helping you pay out and collect loans in multiple currencies.


Lateef Giwa
By: Lateef Giwa

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