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Embedded Finance: Managing Your Financial Ecosystem From the Palm of Your Hand

By: Drivewealth
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The stock market used to be daunting. Traditional visions of the markets included frenzied trading floors, institutional trading strategies, and priority access for high net worth individuals. Investing was perceived to be only accessible to the wealthy or institutional investors, making the markets seem unaffordable to the average investor. Fast forward to 2022 and the barriers to entry have been broken down. In today’s tech-savvy world, an iPhone is no longer just a phone, it’s the center of a user’s financial universe. Through the power of embedded finance, consumers have the ability to pay, invest, shop, and transact all through the touch of a finger. Embedded finance makes it easy to manage your finances – it’s a one-stop-shop experience. Investing becomes embedded into the point of transaction and digital wallets are making it easy to seamlessly transfer cash, among other features. The financial experience has become simple and the decade of the digital investor is here to stay.

Embedded Investing

As the rules of financial management have been re-programmed, embedded investing – and in particular, fractional trading – is revamping what it means to be an investor. But, what is fractional trading? Simply stated, fractional trading means that retail investors can buy a fraction of a stock. This allows investors to invest in their favorite stocks that may have been out of their price range in the past. For example, let’s say your favorite company is Tesla, but Tesla’s stock is trading at over $1000. Using DriveWealth’s fractional trading technology that’s embedded into your phone (a.k.a. your financial ecosystem), you can now buy Tesla stock for just $1. And even better, you don’t even need to pay a commission to make that trade. By enabling partners to connect their customers with the markets—in their own currencies—with minimums as low as $1 and the ability to trade where they currently shop and transact, DriveWealth is eliminating the traditional barriers to investing and expanding affordable access for people of all ages, wealth stages, and levels of financial expertise around the world.

The investor playing field has been leveled, and in collaboration with its partners, DriveWealth is providing affordable access to the markets to millions of new investors worldwide. The result? Consumers can easily become owners of their financial futures from the palm of their hand.

By: Drivewealth

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