13 September 17

The human side of technology – how to get the most out of your tech team

By: Currencycloud
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Technology is always reinventing itself, always challenging the status quo. As a result, there are a myriad of tools out there with the sole purpose of improving our day to day activities, both at work and at home that have evolved from the need of something faster, or better. But, technology is just that, a tool. What makes it a success is the people who use it.

Think about it, technology is all about people. Who designed your workplace conferencing software? People. Who uses that software to make your business run more efficiently? People. And while there is much talk about automation and the rise of machine intelligence, people will still be needed to be at the forefront to provide the parameters for technology to operate.

So how do you link the two?

Currencycloud’s growth and success is fueled by our employees, not just the technology we use.

In order to get the most value out of the technological tools employed throughout your organization, good cooperation amongst all employees, but especially your tech teams is vital – here are some tips on how we do it:

Listen to your team!

This comes first and foremost. Often, the greatest of tech ideas or new feature/product suggestions come from those who are responsible for the day to day running of the business, not the CIO or CTO.

We encourage all our employees to come forward with new ideas. When we can, we trial these suggestions and if they are a success we keep them on. Currencycloud Direct was built on the idea of a few members of the team. The innovation was developed and commercialized and is now a standalone product that our customers find invaluable.

As a business leader, this is not just a good way to generate a constant stream of different ideas, but also an excellent way to prove to your team that you value their suggestions. This will pay back dividends in terms of employee engagement and retention. Guaranteed!

Employ a visionary

Just like technology is changing, the role of the CTO is constantly being reinvented.  In order to thrive in the modern enterprise, a technical leader must also look to disrupt. Ideas will come from anywhere within the business, and the CTO should bridge the gap between technical innovation and the business’ requirements. They are the champion that nurture innovation and will crystallize the technology vision of the organization. Having this person in place will not just inspire your team but also reaffirm that technological innovation is something you value within your business.

Establish a sense of trust

This takes time to get right but once in place, will radically change the way your team operates. Every employee should know what they are responsible and accountable for. Making sure the team keeps track of tasks and maintains open lines of communication are just two ways to stay on top of the business’ day to day activities. Not only does this empower your team but it also ensures that nothing slips through the cracks, and that your customers don’t suffer as a result.

If your team is able to deliver great customer service and resolve any issues that crop up as a result of open communication, they’ll learn that they can count on each other. Building and maintaining this level of trust within your team not only serves to improve your customer’s experience, but will also improve internal relations and processes.

Technology aims to make processes easier and faster, but it is entirely reliant upon those who are responsible for its operation. When looking to establish a strong tech team, the impulse to only look for people who are technically competent should not override the human aspect. Their ability to fit in with your culture and your team is just as important as their ability to do their job, and so team cohesion becomes paramount. Technology does not exist in a vacuum – and neither can a good tech team.

People or technology? Find out more about careers at Currencycloud, or visit our Developer Center to get to grips with our awesome APIs.

By: Currencycloud
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